Welcome to CHECKredi’s Payment Processing Solutions for Schools 

Regardless of whether it be after-school activities, fundraisers, or perhaps cafeteria lunches, these are all strategies to raise funds for schools and the programs they provide. The funds as well as the parents that give them count on safe payment solutions, which allow these payments to become processed in any type. CHECKredi equips schools with electronic payment processing solutions, which offers parents the freedom to spend by credit card or check securely and safely. The top component? It’s all at no cost! Giving this convenience to parents permits schools to get, process, and confirm payments in particular person or on the net.
Easy for Each Parent and School
It is known that parents are usually busy with driving children to and from school activities, helping with homework, and also other school-related activities. CHECKredi provides parents the ability to produce payments for their child’s activities anytime and wherever by means of safe online payment possibilities. Not only does this benefit parents, but schools can share in this comfort by collecting, processing, and verifying payments speedily and accurately. This makes it possible for students to take part in the club they’re really serious about, the sport that they’re fantastic at, or the field trip everybody is talking about.
Check and Credit Card Processing
CHECKRedi’s web credit card and verify payment services will not be only secure, but it also provides parents far more payment options. Schools possess a service through CHECKredi that is protected and dependable. Kids no longer have to be concerned about missing out on fundraisers or other school-sponsored activities thanks to their busy parents. CHECKredi offers schools the software program and support required to provide this service. Also offered are resources like Back Office Check Conversion (BOC), Accounts Receivable Verify Conversion (ARC), and Remote Deposit Capture. Schools are easily equipped with CHECKredi’s customizable solutions.
Check and Credit Guarantee Solutions
Parents have it complicated keeping track of their little ones? Think about obtaining a entire school district’s worth of youngsters to account for. No matter how the copious amounts of students you will discover, CHECKredi tends to make it quick for schools to organize payments and process credit cards and checks. With the Traditional Check Guarantee service, schools no longer have to be concerned about bad or bounced checks, given that they acquire 100% reimbursement. CHECkredi provides the ease, safety, and organization that schools need by means of reliable electronic payment processing.